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As of 09/30/2016






Industry Trends (Defense & Gov. Services)

Notable Acquisitions and Consolidations

In the third quarter, we observed an uptick in acquisition activity for

cybersecurity companies. Large strategics, mid-tier primes, and private

equity backed portfolio companies were all acquisitive as they sought to

capitalize on the continuing budgetary initiative toward cybersecurity.

Earlier this year the President’s GFY 2017 budget proposal called for $19

billion on information security programs, up $5 billion from GFY 2016’s

cyber-funding request. The request also created an opening for the US

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), which was recently filled in

September by Tony Scott, formerly of VMware.

Belcan, a portfolio company of AE Industrial Partners (AEIP), made its third

acquisition in 12 months when it purchased Intercom Consulting and

Federal Systems, a provider of cybersecurity and mission-critical IT

solutions to the US State Department. Belcan will plan to pull through

Intercom’s expertise to its Enterprise and global Federal Business

customers. In August ASRC announced its acquisition of Vistronix, a leading

provider of IT services to the Intelligence Community. Vistronix counts

cybersecurity as one of its core capabilities along with advanced analytics

and large-scale data processing. Accenture announced its acquisition of

Redcore, an Australian cybersecurity company, in August. Redcore

develops authentication, authorization and administration services across a

range of cloud, web, mobile and adaptive access-management


Portfolio Company of

AE Industrial Partners

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Enlightenment Capital

Source: Public Filings, Industry Newswires